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Teaching Philosophy


With over 15 years of experience teaching people age 5 to 65+, I have taught students with skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced. 

I teach guitar in virtually all genres: classical, rock, metal, blues, folk, and jazz (just to name a few). Since the guitar lends itself to so many different styles of music, I try to target the material covered in lessons to each student’s taste. I have found that people learn better, faster, and have a lot more fun when they are learning guitar through music that they love.


Strong fundamentals are the basis on which all music education should be based, I stress them regardless of the style of music I am teaching. These include holding the guitar properly, correct fingering technique, note reading, music theory, and playing in time. 

For information on teaching locations in the greater San Diego area, rates, or any other questions about my teaching philosophy, please call (858) 345-7400 or email

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